Blair IT was started in 1989 to focus on the technology needs of Architects, Engineers, and Construction (A.E.C.) companies.  The owner, Dennis Blair, is educated as an Architect and was the CADD Manager, Project Manager, and Vice President of a prominent Columbus Architecture firm.  

We identify with the unique needs of A.E.C. firms, and how specialized software, work flow, and skill sets are not the same as other businesses.

We understand how the need for productivity, communication, and efficiency affects deadlines, billable hours, and the quality of your work. We know the requirements of CADD software, 3D software, large format printing, and other aspects of the building industry.  

      Sharing info/drawings
      Remote/offsite access

    We can fully manage your IT needs or work with your current in-house staff. By outsourcing special knowledge skills (such s Exchange Server, backups, virus protection, etc.) critical down-time is significantly reduced and costly purchasing errors are prevented, allowing your staff to focus on billable work.

    With our WatchDog program, we can actively monitor your servers, catching and fixing small problems before they become big and costly ones. This allows us to proactively respond to your IT needs, whether we need to immediately be on-site or we can take care of the problem remotely, keeping your office running smoothly.

    We offer Remote Desktop Support, which allows us to see your screen before you finish describing the issues (with your permission).